Client Stories

While participating in Faith Night at a Gold Sox baseball game, several ladies approached our display with their children, letting us know how thankful they were for our help and support during their pregnancies. One woman told us the story of how she was planning to abort her child, but after talking to one of our client advocates, she changed her mind. Her son was now seven years old. Like you, I count it a privilege and honor to be a part of this life-saving ministry!

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Children of Our Clients

Three Client Stories


“Lisa,” 19 years old and single, read her pregnancy test as positive. This was not good news. She told her client advocate that she “just wanted it all to go away.” They spent time discussing Lisa’s options. After viewing the “Life Begins” DVD, Lisa had a change of heart and told her client advocate that she didn’t think abortion was an option for her. That Friday Lisa was seen at our Medical Clinic. It was clear that her time with our client advocate had made a huge impact on her decision. The nurse said Lisa was happy and positive about her pregnancy!


“Leslie” came into A Woman’s Friend for a pregnancy test that read positive. Leslie had already determined in her mind that if the test was positive she would choose abortion. Leslie wanted to finish her education and didn’t feel that she was ready to be a wife and mother. In addition, Leslie’s cultural and religious beliefs would require her to marry and move away from her family. Our client advocate had Leslie view two of our videos “The Choice of a Lifetime” and “Preview of a Birth.” Leslie was more open to her options after seeing the videos and agreed to come back the following Friday to see one of our volunteer doctors. On Friday, Leslie brought her boyfriend. Dr. McLean shared with them ways in which Leslie could be a mother and still pursue her educational goals.

We scheduled Leslie for an ultrasound with Dr. Chan the following week where she was able to see her beautiful baby on the ultrasound screen. A few weeks later when our Director of Nursing called Leslie to follow-up, she was excited to learn that Leslie had married her boyfriend and they had decided to parent their baby!


If Brook could talk, she would tell you how very happy she is that her mommy, Ana, came to A Woman’s Friend for help. When Ana realized she was several weeks pregnant, she knew she would need good medical input and emotional support to start her in a positive direction. We were able to provide her with not only limited medical care including an ultrasound but clothes and sincere friendship.

What once seemed like an overwhelming situation to Ana and her family has turned into such a joyful outcome. Some of Ana’s family flew in from out of the area to be present for Brook’s birth. Ana’s parents love being Grandma and Grandpa and are helping Ana raise Brook for a season of time.

God has a special plan and future for little Brook. There are many miles mapped out for Brook to “walk” in her journey of life!


“Toni” had come to the Center with the intent to have an abortion if she was pregnant. She was in a very difficult situation with the father of the baby and another man she was seeing. Neither situation was really safe or healthy for Toni. Toni’s test was positive, but she agreed to have her client advocate share all about life, abortion facts, and even some adoption information. Toni did not keep her medical appointment and her client advocate lost contact with her. Toni was one of those situations where we didn’t know the outcome.

Toni returned to the Center four years later and shared that after she left the Center the first time, she read over the adoption information her client advocate had given her. She knew adoption was the answer—the best choice for her and her baby. Toni said she was so glad she made that decision for life and adoption. The family she chose for her baby sends her a picture and news once a year and she can see how happy both the child and the adoptive parents are.

Today, Toni is married, has a small child and is pregnant. She is happy and walking a better path, both physically and emotionally.


“Sandy” was approximately 15 weeks into her pregnancy and adamant about having an abortion. She knew abortion was wrong, but Sandy and her husband decided abortion was the answer for this pregnancy (they already had two children under three years old).

Sandy and her client advocate connected quickly (which is always a positive start). Her client advocate put aside her intake information sheet and just let Sandy talk. She was feeling so overwhelmed by being pregnant again. Then her client advocate shared about God’s plan for her life and that of her unborn child’s.

Sandy was eager to hear about both fetal development and abortion facts, so her client advocate was able to share a lot of information with Sandy. She was sent home with many brochures for both her and her husband to read, including a brochure called For Men Only, which details abortions facts and myths for Sandy’s husband.

A medical appointment was scheduled for that Friday. Sandy’s husband came with her. Light shined through the veil of darkness and the enemy’s deception! The nurse wrote the following statement in her notes: “Sandy and her husband came in today and have made the decision to continue the pregnancy. They are soooo happy with their decision and are very relieved!”


Feeling frightened and confused, “Jane” came to the Center for a pregnancy test. Already a mother of three, single and faced with some physical problems, Jane felt abortion would probably be her solution if her test showed positive. She did have a positive test and discovered she was about nine weeks into her pregnancy. At her doctor’s appointment on the following Friday, Jane had an ultrasound. She was in awe at what she saw on the ultrasound. She stated, “I can’t believe how big the baby is and so well formed. Look at the toes and fingers. I can see him perfectly. This definitely determines my final decision. No matter what I face, I will not abort this baby.”


“In the middle of my senior year of high school I found out that I was pregnant. This was supposed to be my last care-free year before entering adulthood. I was just seventeen and suddenly faced with a real life issue. I was not comfortable with the idea of having a baby right then and was pursuing abortion.

“After sharing these feelings with my mother, she encouraged me to visit A Woman’s Friend before I made my final decision. I met with a client advocate, who was so caring and compassionate. What comforted me the most at this very unstable time was the concept that this baby I was carrying was not a mistake or some mean trick of fate. My pregnancy and unborn child were already a part of God’s plan for both of us. My baby was a miracle.

“I was touched by my client advocate’s dedication and openness to share. I left my appointment with a new pursuit to carry and parent my child. My life has not been ruined by this unexpected change in my plans. Life is better today—more than I could ever imagine. My relationship with my family has been made stronger through this crisis. My boyfriend (the father of our daughter) and I are also working on building a healthy relationship.

“Most important of all, the world has been blessed with my daughter. Her mere presence assures me that is has all been worth it. A Woman’s Friend showed me kindness and support when I needed it most. They helped me see what was really important—the life of my child.”


“Alicia” came to the Center seeking an abortion. She was greeted by a caring receptionist who told her that we did not do abortions but could provide her with information and a free pregnancy test. Alicia was open to getting the information and was able to see one of our client advocates. “It was the best thing I could have ever done,” said Alicia. “I had no idea how far along I was in my pregnancy (almost six months!). My client advocate was so helpful and kind. She enlightened my religious belief–taking the time to explain about God’s love and special plans He had for me and my baby. I continued to come for some weekly Bible lessons with my client advocate (even after my baby was born) which helped me to grow in my relationship with God. I was learning to love myself in spite of the difficult situation I was in and to see that God would help me through it all. My family relationships are mending and I even have a great job. I can’t imagine not having my precious daughter, “Sophia.” I love every second, every minute, every hour I have with her. Thank you, A Woman’s Friend, for all you have done for me. I now know that God brought me to your door that day. Not only was my life saved, but my baby’s was as well. There have been so many wonderful changes and miracles in my life. I have had several opportunities to share about these changes at recovery houses. Thank you for being there for me and helping me choose the gift of life for my baby!”


“I want to thank you for the wonderful baby gift. All the baby stuff will be put to good use. At the beginning of my pregnancy I needed a friend to talk to because my mom wasn’t there for me. A Woman’s Friend helped me at that time. Finally my mother changed her feelings about me being pregnant and brought me back into her life. Thanks for everything.”


“Within two years I visited A Woman’s Friend for what turned out to be two negative pregnancy tests. The first time I met a client advocate who was very caring and helped me deal spiritually with the recent loss of my husband to cancer. During my second visit my client advocate turned out to be a very special woman in my life to this day. Her approach in giving me a helping hand and a prayer touched me in a way that made me realize I wanted to help myself reclaim my life. “Two years ago I was diagnosed with a liver disease. I am an alcoholic and was warned that I would not live long if I continued that way of life. I had had an ectopic pregnancy, which left me with very little hope of ever carrying a child. After a long, intoxicated, abusive year, I finally looked in the mirror and asked God for help. I entered a recovery home. By my next birthday, I had not only graduated from the recovery home, but was also still sober and discovered I was pregnant. To carry this child was the biggest decision of my life. I decided since I was clean and sober the baby would be OK if I stayed on my new life and kept God in my life. I felt this child in my womb would make my life complete, and since God had given me this miracle, I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity! “I stayed in contact with A Woman’s Friend and they were always there to help—with information, maternity clothes, and most of all, friendship and emotional support. My client advocate had become a surrogate parent to me with her advice, guidance, and spiritual input throughout my pregnancy. I finally had my miracle baby. He is a beautiful, healthy baby and I feel I am the most fortunate person in the world.

“I recently celebrated fifteen months of sobriety. I have started the LVN program at Yuba College and am cherishing every minute with my son. Life will continue to have its ups and downs, but living ‘one day at a time’ with the strength God has given me, I know I’m following the right path. I have family in the area that I love and who has always been there for me through my illness. I hope and pray time will heal all the wounds I have caused.

“Again, I am very appreciative to everyone at A Woman’s Friend for your participation in guiding me toward healthy choices. For those who financially support this wonderful ministry, I want to thank you for helping change my life.

“Today I am grateful for my God, my son, my life, and my sobriety! God bless you all!”


Carol’s first client of the day came in for a pregnancy test. While talking, Carol discovered that “Tina” had some church background, but was not currently involved in a church. Carol gave Tina one of our evangelical gift bags; Tina was very pleased to receive the gift bag and particularly excited to receive the Bible as she had never had one of her own./p>

Letter from a Client

“My boyfriend and I visited A Woman’s Friend early in 2008 seeking help. I am happy that you were able to counsel me like you did. Since our visit, we have gotten married and had our healthy baby girl November 22nd. I hope that someone else who finds themselves in the same position that I was in knows there is help at A Woman’s Friend. Keep doing the Lord’s work and thank you again.”


“Cindy” came in with her boyfriend wanting information on abortion. After Cindy read her pregnancy test as positive, the client advocate asked them if they had thought about parenting. Cindy’s response was “No…I haven’t thought that far.” Cindy’s boyfriend stated that he knew abortion was never a good choice. The client advocate calculated Cindy to be about thirteen and a half weeks pregnant and explained abortion procedures for the 2nd trimester. She also went over the abortion brochures as well as showing the couple the fetal development models. They didn’t want to watch any of the videos or come back to see the doctor but did allow the client advocate to pray with them. A few days later, Cindy called to say that she was going to carry her baby.


“Andrea” came in with her boyfriend and read her pregnancy test as positive. She had already been to Planned Parenthood for abortion information but Andrea’s boyfriend was hoping Andrea would keep their child. Michelle, Andrea’s client advocate showed the couple the baby’s stage of development and shared information on abortion. Michelle also shared about the Lord and how He views life and the unborn. Andrea’s response was open and positive to the things of God. When Andrea returned for her appointment to the Medical Clinic, she told Ruth that she still did not want to be pregnant and was praying for a miscarriage. She also stated that she didn’t want to have an abortion but was still considering it. Andrea said that her boyfriend desired to have this baby and was making changes in his life. The ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat with the baby being six and a half weeks old. Though Ruth and Andrea shared some good discussion, Andrea still left undecided.

Michelle stayed in close contact with Andrea. Despite Andrea’s confusion and indecisiveness, Michelle continued to pray, call and send Andrea encouraging notes. Michelle then received a phone call from Andrea telling Michelle that she had decided to keep her baby. She and her boyfriend were reading the Bible together and attending church on a regular basis. They planned to marry before the baby was born.


“Tawnya” came in for a pregnancy test; she had another appointment so she was in a hurry. She read her pregnancy test as negative and was on her way. When Carol, the client advocate, pulled Tawnya’s card she noticed that she had seen her three years ago. At the request of Dr.Cassidy, Carol had gone to visit Tawnya in the Yuba Co. jail. At that time Tawnya was very abortion minded. Carol never knew the outcome of that meeting. Carol noticed on Tawnya’s client information sheet that she had filled out during this most recent visit that Tawnya had three children ages 12, 11, and 3. Carol called Tawnya later to see if the three year old was the child she was pregnant with at the time she visited her in jail. Tawnya remembered Carol’s visit and said “yes,” she had kept her baby and delivered him while going through rehab. Tawnya agreed with Carol that “God is good.”


“Anne”, twenty-four years old and married, came in on her lunch break to confirm her pregnancy. She explained to Gneal that it was too soon to have another baby; her youngest was only four months old. She was in a hurry so Gneal had to rush through the process. Gneal shared with Anne how the possible emotional and spiritual long-term effects of abortion can outweigh the challenges of raising a baby. Gneal also shared fetal development at five and a half weeks and gave Anne literature to take home and read. Gneal told Anne she would be praying for her and that if she wanted to come back we would be here for her. Less than a week later Gneal called Anne to see how she was doing. Anne told her she was going to carry her baby!


“Lucy” came in wanting to confirm her pregnancy; she read her test as positive. Her boyfriend was with her and was not happy about the pregnancy. Helen, our client advocate, sensed that Lucy wanted to keep the baby; Lucy had had an abortion in the last year. The couple viewed the Life Begins DVD and A Dr. Explains the Abortion Procedure. Lucy was also concerned about what her mother’s reaction would be to her pregnancy. Helen sent Lucy home with lots of literature to read including fetal development, prenatal care, and abortion and adoption information.

During a follow-up call Lucy stated that she was now planning on carrying her baby and that her boyfriend was supportive of that decision.


“Missy” read her test as positive. With the information that Missy gave Carmen, our client advocate, they estimated that she was between 6-8 weeks pregnant. Although Missy wanted to keep her baby she was anxious to get information on abortion also. Her husband had recently lost his job and was under a lot of financial strain and felt it wasn’t a good time for them to start a family. Carmen made Missy an appointment for the Medical Clinic and gave her fetal development, prenatal and abortion literature to read. Missy’s prayer request was that her husband would change his mind and want to keep the baby. On Friday Missy and her husband both came for the medical appointment. Dr. Chan was already at AWF performing an ultrasound for another client and he offered to do one for Missy as well. The ultrasound showed that Missy was seven weeks pregnant. After seeing their baby on the ultrasound Missy’s husband changed his mind and now they are both happy about the pregnancy.


“Rachelle” read her pregnancy test as positive. Because Rachelle wasn’t sure who fathered her baby she was considering having an abortion. Rosemary, our client advocate, scheduled Rachelle for a doctor’s appointment, but because of lack of transportation she was unable to make it. Rosemary offered to bring her to the Center and rescheduled Rachelle for another doctor’s appointment. Rachelle told Ruth, our nurse, that her sister (who has had three abortions) and Rachelle’s 15 year old son thought she should abort the baby. But after viewing her baby on the ultrasound, though still not 100% certain, Rachelle seemed to be leaning toward carrying her baby. Rachelle asked Ruth a lot of good questions and they covered many issues together. Rachelle also viewed the Life Begins DVD. A few weeks later Ruth called Rachelle for follow up and found out that she had decided to carry and was going to be seeing her OB/GYN that week.


“Erica” read her pregnancy test as positive, she was 8 weeks pregnant and told Karyn, our client advocate, that she planned to carry and parent. A month later she was called for follow up but Erica kept the call short. Three days later we received a call from a person familiar with our services and they wanted to bring in a young lady who was scheduled to have an abortion that same week. That same day Erica was brought in, and guess who the client advocate was at that time…Karyn. Once again Karyn spent quite a bit of time with Erica and they spoke of making healthy life choices for her and her children. When Erica left she still had not made up her mind but a wonderful thing had taken place. Erica had made a decision for Christ! Erica was scheduled for an abortion on Thursday of that week; Karyn called Erica Thursday morning and asked her, “So what’s going on today?” Erica’s response was, “I didn’t go; I couldn’t go through with it.”


In July “Darlene” came to AWF very abortion minded. She had recently given birth to her four month old son, had just lost her job and her boyfriend was also unemployed. She was getting ready to move so that she could be closer to her family and was feeling extremely overwhelmed. After some conversation with her client advocate, Karyn, Darlene was feeling better about her pregnancy. She realized that she might be able to handle things with the help of her family. Darlene was very open to the things of God and allowed Karyn to pray for her and this life changing decision that she would soon need to make. Karyn scheduled an appointment for Darlene to return to the medical clinic but Darlene was a no show. Several attempts were made to follow-up with Darlene but to no avail.

In December we received a Christmas card from Darlene thanking us for all the great advice and that her baby boy would be born in February.


“Pam” began crying when she read her pregnancy test as positive; she told Mary Jane, our client advocate, that her husband did not want to keep the baby and wanted her to have an abortion. Pam shared that she had an abortion the previous year and had serious physical complications. At some point during the counseling session Pam told Mary Jane that she wanted her husband to come in the room with her. Mary Jane began showing the couple fetal development information and Pam’s husband expressed surprise at the 10 week fully developed fetus. When Pam returned to Friday’s Medical Clinic she told Ruth, our nurse, that her husband was now happy with the pregnancy. Pam was very pleased that they were going to carry and parent their baby!


“Kacie” read her pregnancy test as positive. She told Gneal, our client advocate, that she was considering abortion because she was concerned that a pregnancy would affect her schooling and career. Kacie’s boyfriend also felt that she should have an abortion. Kacie viewed the video, A Dr. Explains the Abortion Procedure, and took home lots of literature to look over. Gneal had scheduled her for an appointment with our doctor but she did not return. A week later Gneal spoke with Kacie and found out that she was planning to have an ultrasound the following day and that she and her boyfriend were thinking about keeping the baby. Gneal followed up with Kacie to see if she had the ultrasound and indeed she had. When Kacie saw her baby and found out that she was 11 weeks pregnant, she decided to carry!

Back in September we received a phone call from “Kaci;” she was crying and obviously upset. She lived in Rocklin but drove by the Center, saw the sign and decided to call. She was pregnant and very confused. Her sister was advising her to have an abortion but her boyfriend was happy about the pregnancy. We encouraged her to really think things through and affirmed that her baby is a gift from God and a precious life! It seemed all she needed was a little reassurance to make the right decision.

We recently spoke with Kaci and she had had a baby girl! She said the baby is a miracle and has brought so much joy into her life; she thanked us profusely for being there for her that day. She knows it was the hand of God! She will also be getting married soon.


“Summer” was shocked to read her pregnancy test as positive. She told Lara, her client advocate, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do regarding her pregnancy. She had recently had a miscarriage and she had been feeling stressed. Summer watched the DVD Life Begins and was amazed how quickly the baby’s heart begins to beat. Summer returned to see our doctor on Friday; although she is nervous about this pregnancy she has decided to carry and parent her baby.


“Sabrina,” a single mother of two children came in to A Woman’s Friend with her boyfriend “Matt.” Her pregnancy test was positive. Sabrina was sure she wanted an abortion; she felt she would not be able to handle the responsibility of another child. Our Monday evening client advocate discussed the situation with Sabrina and showed her the 7, 8, 9, and 10 week fetal models. A medical appointment was scheduled for Friday.

The doctor and nurse covered many different topics with Sabrina including fetal development, and the potential emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences of abortion. Sabrina left the medical appointment still undecided. Sabrina was scheduled for an ultrasound the following Friday and Matt came as well. The baby was active during the ultrasound and gave them a wonderful show! Seeing their baby on the ultrasound deeply touched Sabrina and Matt’s hearts and helped them to make the decision to choose life for their baby!


“Maria” came to the Center with her mother seeking abortion information. Maria was already close to 12 weeks pregnant and had decided to have an abortion later in the week. However, her mother suggested she come to A Woman’s Friend and talk with someone first.

Our client advocate shared about life, abortion facts, and also had Maria view the “Life Begins” DVD that took her on a journey of a growing baby in the womb. Maria began to cry. She stated, “I really had no idea what pregnancy and the baby’s development was all about. What if I had just gone and had the abortion before coming in here? After hearing and seeing all this information, I could never abort my baby. Thank you for being here for me.”

Maria and her mother left with joy and peace in their hearts, knowing the right decision was made by choosing life. Maria’s baby was born in the spring and what a special Mother’s Day celebration there was for the whole family!


Nineteen year old “Cindy” came to the Center for a pregnancy test. She had already determined in her mind to have an abortion if her test was positive. “My boyfriend and I have been together for a few years, but we just aren’t ready to become parents yet. I have plans for college and he wants to pursue other goals right now. This is not a good time to have a baby. Abortion is the only solution for us,” Cindy explained. Cindy’s test was positive and she was already approaching her second trimester. Cindy and her boyfriend were open to hearing about fetal development along with abortion facts. They decided to come back to see the doctor at our Medical Clinic that Friday. But Cindy was a no show. The following week our client advocate called to inquire why Cindy missed her appointment. Our client advocate learned that Cindy had been unable to get a ride to the Center, but she wanted to re-schedule. So one week later Cindy came to the Clinic. After seeing Dr. Afato, an ultrasound was scheduled with her approval. Dr. Chan was called to perform the ultrasound.

After seeing the ultrasound of her very own baby in the womb, Cindy changed her mind and decided abortion was not the right solution. Our nurse had an opportunity to share God’s plan for not only their baby, but also for Cindy and her boyfriend. Cindy made a decision for Jesus! Cindy and her boyfriend are excited about parenting their baby and have plans to marry.


A young lady called our hotline one evening upset because her boyfriend accused her of giving him an STD. He insisted she get tested before they had sex again. Our hotline worker listened to the caller’s story with unconditional love. She encouraged the caller to go to the health department for free testing as soon as possible.

One week later, this same phone client called the Center to express her thanks for all the help our hotline volunteer had given her. Being there to listen to her painful story and referring her to a place to get testing gave her a sense of calm. She shared she was a young Christian and knew sex outside of marriage was not what she should be doing. This opened the door for a great conversation on healthy relationships.

Her exciting news was that she did not have an STD and wanted us to know that. She realized her boyfriend’s expectations of her (and accusations) were wrong. She said she was rethinking her relationship with him and was purposing in her heart to renew her virginity and save sex until she marries. “I didn’t know where to turn or really what direction to take. But you were there and I know God directed me to call,” were her parting words.


At sixteen, Lacy came into the Center for a pregnancy test. After reading her result as positive, Lacy decided she would carry and parent her baby. Although her parents were upset, they were very supportive from the beginning. Many changes occurred in Lacy’s life during her pregnancy, but she was strengthened each day by God’s great love and the awesome support of her family and friends. Lacy gave birth to a girl, Paige, who remains the “light of her life.” A year or so later, we received a Christmas card from Lacy and a beautiful picture of Paige. She also shared, “I’m taking medical classes at Yuba College and I’m now able to live on my own. My family is still there for me and I continue to attend Bible Baptist Church in Marysville. Things are going well and I remain grateful to God for all He has done for Paige and me. He guided me to A Woman’s Friend when I needed help and encouragement to face the difficult situation I was in.”

A Grateful Grandma

“When my daughter discovered she was pregnant (at the age of 17 and a high school student) she was very confused and troubled about what to do. The father of the baby was encouraging her to have an abortion. I suggested that she go and talk to someone at A Woman’s Friend. I knew you could offer her all the information she needed to help her make the right decision. Both my daughter and her boyfriend went, listened, and came away knowing that abortion was not the answer for them.

“Today, my daughter, the biological dad, and child are all living together in Baltimore–and doing very well! I just want you to know how important you are to the community. If you hadn’t been there seven years ago for my daughter, I wouldn’t have my beautiful granddaughter to love and enjoy today!

“Thank you and God bless your ministry, A grateful grandma”


“Sophia” came to the Center prepared to abort her child if she found out that she was pregnant. Sophia’s life was filled with pain and disappointments. She saw no way out of her circumstances.

After finding out she was thirteen weeks pregnant, Sophia agreed to come back to our Medical Clinic and have an ultrasound. With each visit, Sophia experienced the love of God in word and deed.

A couple of months later Sophia called to say that she decided against abortion. She stated, “Once I realized I needed to surrender all to God, my life began to turn around. I am no longer filled with fear and hopelessness. God is blessing me and my little family. If A Woman’s Friend had not been there for me, my son would never have been born. I thank God for making a difference in my life and giving me His peace.”

A Grateful Client

"I’m so glad I have this opportunity to thank you.

“When I came into A Woman’s Friend I was a drug addict. I knew I was pregnant and still couldn’t stop, but I wanted to. I remember you gave me a plastic fetal model and told me, “This is how big your baby is.” I started to cry and I cried all the way home and most of the night. That was the day I stopped doing drugs! Wherever I went I carried that plastic baby in my pocket and when I had a weak moment I would pull it out of my pocket and look at it. Sadly, I ended up having a miscarriage. When I went to the emergency room they said the baby’s heart was not beating. I really didn’t hear anything after he told me my baby was dead.

“I came to the conclusion that perhaps my baby lived and then died in order to save my life. God must have other plans for me and I want to learn from Him. I’m looking for a job and attending my drug diversion classes every week. I’ve been clean since the day you put that baby in my hands. I’m going to make sure that my baby did not die in vain. I will never forget the day we met, and I tell my story often.

“God bless you,
A grateful client”

16 year-old client

“As I sat in the counseling room at A Woman’s Friend I knew a positive pregnancy test would definitely change my life and the lives of those who were closest to me. How could this have happened to someone who attended church and was in a Christian school for so many years? It wasn’t as if I’d slept around–in fact, this was my first and only time. I knew of other girls who slept with lots of different guys but it wasn’t them in the counseling—room it was me! I could not believe this was happening to me.

“My client advocate and I sat and talked about this situation for about an hour. She was very caring and spoke very encouraging words. We discussed how I could tell my parents if I was pregnant. We also talked about the option of adoption (at no time did I consider abortion).

“Well, my results came back and yes, I was pregnant. The day after I came to the Center I wrote a letter to my mom letting her know I was pregnant. It was quite a shock to her—she had no idea I had even lost my virginity! Although she was very upset, she and my step-dad let me know they still loved me and would be there for me. Many changes occurred in my outlook during the time I was pregnant. I mourned over the loss of my virginity and I learned to thank God for the chance at “second virginity”—something I now hold sacred.

“The day my daughter ‘Peggy’ was born was such a special day! That day I promised God I would not only raise her right, but that I would follow Him myself.

“For any girls reading this story who are sexually active: please take a look at my life and think about where those actions might take you. My daughter’s dad is not taking an active role in her life and that is very sad. “It is so hard finding time to do school work, talk on the phone, and do all the fun teen activities while trying to keep up with all the work that babies bring! Thankfully, my parents and friends are supportive. It did take me by surprise that all my friends love my daughter and can’t wait to see her and hold her. I thank God every day for all the support I get.

“When I first learned I was pregnant, I thought no good would come out of it. Instead, God has blessed me so much. He has given me a very loving, supportive family to see me through, and a beautiful, healthy daughter to love!”

Former Center Client Advocate

A former Center client advocate recently shared a wonderful story with us regarding a client she had several years ago. She wrote, “This past Fall I was at my daughter’s city league (sports) game when a young man came up to me and asked, ‘Aren’t you Sally? You don’t remember me, I’m Robert. My girlfriend (now my wife) came to talk to you at A Woman’s Friend about nine years ago. We were very abortion minded, but you helped us see another way. That’s my daughter out there on your daughter’s team. I’m also involved with my son’s team.’ He went on to tell me that he has his own business and his family enjoys a very fulfilling life. What really blessed me was that because of A Woman’s Friend that little girl was alive today and enjoying life!”


“Joanne” was Carol’s next client. Joanne became very emotional as she shared with Carol that she had had an abortion five years ago. Carol shared with Joanne God’s willingness to forgive and told her about ‘Lives Set Free’ our abortion recovery program. Carol asked Joanne if she could pray for her; Joanne agreed and during the prayer Joanne made a decision for Christ! Carol sent Joanne home with an evangelical gift bag.

“Sarah” knew she was about sixteen weeks pregnant. She and her boyfriend were planning to get married until he found out she was pregnant, after which, he broke off the relationship. Sarah didn’t have any church background but said she was thinking about finding a church. Carol sent Sarah home with a list of local churches and an evangelical gift bag.


“Audrey” came to A Woman’s Friend with her boyfriend. Melissa was her client advocate. Audrey read her pregnancy test as positive. Because she already had a one year old and felt that it was too soon to have another baby, she asked for information on abortion. However, Audrey was open to information regarding all of her options. She and her boyfriend watched the Life Begins DVD, which is a fetal development tool showing a baby growing in the womb; they also watched the video A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedure. Melissa scheduled Audrey for an appointment with one of our volunteer physicians the following day. When Audrey and her boyfriend returned for their doctor’s appointment, she told the nurse that they had decided to carry their baby to term and were excited about her pregnancy. They are hoping to give their one year old son a baby brother in March!


“Sara” came in with her boyfriend; she wanted information on all of her options including abortion. After Sara read her pregnancy test as positive, the client advocate shared with Sara information on fetal development such as at 21 days the baby’s heart has begun beating. She also showed Sara the touch of life baby models. As they talked, Sara seemed less and less interested in an abortion and more interested in fetal development. Sara was scheduled to come back on Friday to see the doctor. Sara and her boyfriend were hoping for an ultrasound. When Sara came for her medical appointment, she was very emotional and cried a lot. She was facing other difficult circumstances in her life and her relationship with her boyfriend was rocky. Her boyfriend wanted Sara to keep the baby but Sara again was not sure what she wanted to do. The nurse shared some Godly counsel with Sara which she seemed very open to. Sara was also scheduled to come back for an ultrasound the following Friday. Sara was unable to keep her ultrasound appointment. She had moved to Roseville and had no means of transportation. She did, however, inform the nurse that she had decided to keep her baby.


“Tara” came in abortion minded; she thought the pregnancy would be complicated by unhealthy weight gain, diabetes, and was worried that the child would have defects. Additionally, both of her children were grown and she thought it was too late for more children. Bonnie, the client advocate, showed Tara fetal models at 7, 8, 9, and 10 weeks. Tara was surprised to learn how well developed the baby was. The fetal models seemed to solidify how human her baby was at the time. Tara also became much more relaxed about her pregnancy after Bonnie shared about her own experience with pregnancy at a later age. By the end of the counseling session Tara left with a whole new outlook and decided on life for her baby!


“Kim” let her client advocate know right away that she couldn’t have her baby. She was struggling financially and had two little ones to care for. Kim didn’t want her boyfriend to know that she was pregnant because he would want her to keep their baby. The client advocate shared with Kim the Life Begins DVD, and when Kim saw just how fully developed her ten week old baby was she was astonished. Jeremiah 1:4-5 says “The word of the Lord came to me, saying ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.’” Kim said she believed in God and the Bible. Her client advocate gave her literature on fetal development, prenatal care and abortion, and scheduled her to see one of our volunteer doctors on Friday.

Kim returned for her doctor appointment having already decided to keep her baby. She had told her boyfriend she was pregnant and, as she expected, he was very happy. What a blessing that our doors are open—making a difference—one life at a time!


Back in February 2005 a client came in for a medical verification in order to get an abortion. She was determined and nothing would change her mind. She barely gave any information about herself and didn’t want any type of conversation. She never returned for the medical clinic appointment and we had no further contact. Recently, one of our client advocates, Laura, saw the same client. She told Laura that she had been sent to jail after her previous appointment, and in jail she decided to keep her baby!


Sixteen year old “Mandy” came in and read her pregnancy test as positive. She said her life was complicated. The father of the baby would not be involved in the baby’s life and she had no parental support. Even though Mandy said she would carry/parent, Helen, our client advocate, knew she was still very abortion vulnerable so she scheduled Mandy to come back to see the doctor. In the meantime, Helen gave Mandy literature on fetal development, prenatal care, abstinence and STD information to take home and read.

When Mandy came to her medical appointment she said she definitely wanted to have this baby, but was being pressured to abort. Dr. Chan did an ultrasound. Mandy was given the ultrasound pictures and a Bible. Marilyn, our nurse, also prayed with Mandy which Mandy really appreciated.


“Carrie” read her pregnancy test as positive. She told her client advocate, Helen, that depending on how far along she was, she would seriously consider having an abortion. Although Carrie did not want to view the Life Begins DVD she was open to receive prayer and abortion literature. Helen scheduled Carrie for a medical appointment the following Friday.

When Carrie came for her medical appointment, she had already had a complete change of heart. She told Jeanne, our nurse, that she had decided to carry and keep her baby, and her mother would support her in her decision.


“Grisele” came into the Center for a pregnancy test. When Rosemary, our client advocate, asked her how she would feel if she were pregnant she stated, “Terrible.” Grisele became very emotional after reading her test as positive and told Rosemary that she wanted an abortion. Rosemary lovingly established a relationship with Grisele. Before Grisele left Rosemary gave her a copy of the video “Bella” to watch at home. Rosemary also scheduled a medical appointment for Grisele which unfortunately she did not keep. Rosemary tried to call and follow up with Grisele but the number was no longer hers. Rosemary then sent a note in the mail hoping to make contact with her.

Recently Grisele came to the Center saying that she had decided to carry and parent her baby. We asked her if she had watched Bella; she said she had, and that it had convinced her to choose life for her baby. We thank God for using Rosemary, Bella, and the Holy Spirit to speak into Grisele’s life!


In October “Brenda” came in for pregnancy information. Although she did not like the idea of an abortion, she said it was still an option for her. Brenda was in a hurry so Rachael, our client advocate, was not able to spend as much time with her as she would have liked to. Rachael, however, was able to send Brenda home with fetal development, prenatal, abortion and adoption information. We were able to follow-up with Brenda and found out that she had decided to carry and parent her baby and was scheduled to see her doctor very soon. Although we may not know the full impact we made in Brenda’s decision to carry, we are so grateful for the opportunity we had to share vital truth with her and having the blessing of knowing that her final decision was to give her baby life.


“Yvonne” read her pregnancy test as positive—she couldn’t believe she was pregnant; she never wanted to bring a baby into this world. Yvonne was adamant about getting an abortion and was not open to much information; however, she did take some literature on abortion and a copy of the movie “Bella.” Rosemary, our client advocate, was able to convince her to come back to see the doctor. The following day Yvonne returned to the Clinic determined to have an abortion. When the nurse asked if she would be interested in receiving an ultrasound, she declined. She did however view the video, “A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedure.” Because Yvonne wasn’t quite sure how far along she was she finally said yes to the ultrasound. To everyone’s surprise the ultrasound determined that Yvonne was six to seven months pregnant! Yvonne was in total shock but the ultrasound changed everything—she decided to keep her baby!

Rosemary tried to contact Yvonne but was only able to leave messages; two weeks later Yvonne called the Center and left a message for Rosemary—thanking her for her calls, and to update her address because she had moved in with her parents. She also wanted to let us know that she was very happy and that the father of the baby is ecstatic that they are going to have a boy!


“Jennifer” came in 13 weeks pregnant and leaning towards an abortion. Her mother advised her to come to AWF in order to receive information on all of her options. Jennifer felt she was too young to raise a baby and wasn’t emotionally or financially ready. Gneal, our client advocate, went over several brochures with her. Gneal was able to share that God is the creator of life and has a plan for each one of us. Gneal also gave her the “Bella” movie to take home to watch. A month later Gneal was able to reach Jennifer. Jennifer said that she couldn’t go through with the abortion and that she was going to keeping the baby. She also mentioned that the movie Bella was helpful and enabled her to see that there are other options besides abortion. In March Jennifer had a baby girl!


“Lisa” came in wanting an abortion; she was afraid of the reaction and/or rejection of her family. Anabella, our client advocate, showed her the abortion procedure video. Lisa came back to the Medical Clinic on Friday where Dr. Chan performed an ultrasound. Lisa was given pictures of her baby. Anabella followed up with Lisa and during the second contact Lisa sounded happy and shared with Anabella that she had told her sister that she was pregnant and that she was planning to keep her baby. Recently, Anabella learned that Lisa had shared with the rest of the family that she was pregnant; her parents welcomed her back into their home and she is now residing with them.