Upcoming Events

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We would love for you to join us for this event!  A Woman’s Friend has been working for 35 years to transform lives in our community. Will you join us? 

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

You may reserve your table for ten ($300.00), or an individual seat ($30.00) by clicking HERE.

You may also reserve your table or seat, or get more information by calling us at (530) 741-9136. 



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When a woman finds herself facing an unexpected pregnancy, it is easy for her to feel alone. What if the father doesn’t want to be involved? What if her family refuses to help? What if her friends are unsupportive? With fear crowding in, she may feel like abortion is her only option.

But that is where we step in. When she walks through our doors, we welcome her with open arms. Our client advocates listen to her story, answer her questions, and offer positive alternatives. Our team is ready to administer tests and provide an ultrasound that lets her see her baby for the first time. Our Educators invite her to participate in programs that enables her to feel more confident about becoming a mother. Our volunteers and staff gather supplies for her that might have otherwise been out of her financial means. Our clinic comes together to surround her in God’s perfect love. 

And that is where you step in. The Walk for Life is a great way to help find hope and support the women and children who come to A Woman’s Friend, and to learn a little bit more about what they are going through and how we help them. Will You help us raise money to continue to grow and support the women in our community?

For more information, call: (530) 741-9136