Think About It!

Think About It provides our community’s youth with the message of sexual integrity in a way it has never been presented before.

This initiative is a unique sexual and relational health education program created specifically for middle and high school aged adolescents. It is designed to prevent teenage pregnancy through the promotion of sexual integrity and emphasizes the emotional, physical and social benefits of postponing sex.

From classrooms to assemblies, Think About It equips adolescents with medically accurate information and resources they need to build healthy relationships, make educated decisions about their bodies, and increase their self esteem.

THINK ABOUT IT!Presentation Topics Include...

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)/Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Contraception Effectiveness
  • Media Influence on Sex and Dating
  • Resisting Pressure and Temptation
  • Characteristics of Healthy Dating vs. Toxic Relationships
  • True Love vs. Infatuation
  • Bonding During Sex - The Emotional Component
  • Importance of Setting Boundaries

Your Participants Will …

  • Set goals for their futures and list ways that sexual activity now can jeopardize those goals.
  • Identify the most common STIs, how they are contracted, the symptoms to look for and methods of prevention.
  • Hear stories of couples who have set boundaries and have chosen to exercise sexual self-control.
  • Examine current media messages and learn to filter out negative influences.
  • Have an opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation.


How long is the presentation?

Each one of our four presentations lasts from 50 – 90 minutes and can be adapted to fit your schedule and needs. Think About It is most effective when our four presentations are viewed consecutively.

What age is Think About It appropriate for?

Think About It is designed for teenagers, young adults and singles of any age. All presentations are culturally sensitive, age-appropriate and tailored to the group that is being addressed.

What about those who are having sex? Think About It strongly encourages sexually active teens to evaluate the reasons why they are having sex and to recognize that there may be risks associated with such behavior. The Think About It speaking team is comprised of individuals with varying personal stories including those who have and have not remained abstinent. Our personal stories are relevant and encouraging and will give participants a chance to re-commit to abstinence, if they so desire.

How much does a Think About It presentation cost?

Think About It suggests a donation per presentation to cover transportation, literature and other costs. However, we do not want the lack of resources to stand in the way of anyone hearing this important message. If funding is not available, we are happy to provide you with a presentation.

To schedule a presentation call:
A Woman’s Friend Pregnancy Resource Clinic  (530) 741-9136