Client Testimonies

A client came to A Woman’s Friend for a for a pregnancy test with her mom. She was undecided but leaning more toward abortion. The client’s mom really wanted to be a grandma. They also mentioned that twins run in her family. The client said if she was having twins she knew that would be a sign from God.

Her Client Advocate encouraged her that she would be a great mom and shared her own abortion testimony. The Client Advocate gave her literature with information about fetal development and abortion information. She was scheduled to come back the next day for an ultrasound. Her Client Advocate told her during the appointment that she was going to pray that it was twins.

The Client advocate went home and prayed all night long for twins and for a mother’s heart. The next day when the client came to her ultrasound appointment, the technician put the transducer on her belly and there were 2 beautiful twin babies on the TV screen. Her advocate leaped up in joy and shouted, “I Prayed for this”, I prayed for this all night long”! God had answered these prayers in a big way!

As she walked through our doors, “Kelsey” was unsure how she felt about being pregnant.  But her client advocate soon discovered that she was actually feeling pressured by her own parent to seek out abortion services. She received love, encouragement, abortion information and the adoption information that she requested. By the end of her appointment, Kelsey was grateful for the resources and prayer offered by her client advocate and even seemed to have decided to carry and parent!

Recently, Kelsey returned with her boyfriend for their Ultrasound appointment and found out that they are having twins! Kelsey has decided to carry both babies!

“Regina” came to A Woman’s Friend for a pregnancy test and was undecided about whether to carry the baby. She was estimated she might be about 12 weeks along. Her client advocate soon discovered that she was scared of financial issues, life style issues and being a good mom. Regina received love, encouragement, abortion information and we were able to share the gospel. Here client advocate encouraged her to see that God created us to be moms and that He will guide her and carry her through this. We were able to get Regina in for an ultrasound that same day. She was very shocked to see she was actually 28 weeks along, the heartbeat strong and baby moving all over. She cried, and decided to carry the baby! 

Regina and her client advocate were able to go immediately into the boutique and pick out a bassinet, sing, bouncer and other material needs. It was a relief to her that we had this all available. 

Because of each and every one of you this can happen daily. You are making a difference, and we are thankful that we can count on you to be a part of moving this ministry forward.

“Virginia” came to A Woman's Friend for a pregnancy test. The nurse read her test as positive. She was undecided about whether to carry the baby to term. She was scared, homeless and the timing was not good for her to be pregnant. Her client advocate had a nice long conversation with her, prayed with her, shared Christ with her and provided literature to her. Virginia came the next day for an ultrasound and, after she was able to see the baby's heartbeat, it changed everything. She decided to carry the baby!

“Maggie” came to A Woman’s Friend with her husband, to talk about their options. Maggie was not ready to be a mom and was leaning toward having an abortion. Maggie read her pregnancy test as positive, so they met with their Client Advocate, who went over all the options with them. Maggie knew very little about abortion procedures. She and her husband were amazed by the information they learned while reviewing abortion procedures and fetal models. Maggie was scheduled with our Medical Clinic, and they both left with the information needed to make an informed decision.

They made it to the Medical Clinic appointment with our nurse, who was able to provide Maggie with verification of pregnancy and an ultrasound. Once she saw their baby in form with a very active heartbeat, her heart softened. She asked questions about the heart and was so amazed it was already beating. She said she couldn’t have the abortion; she wanted to keep her baby! She came to us as a desperate and fearful woman, but left as a Mother!!

Early this year “Sarah” learned she was pregnant. The pregnancy was unexpected and came at what appeared to be a bad time for her. She had a lot on her plate, and this was no time to be pregnant. Her emotions went into a state of shock as her mind tried to make it all work. She and her boyfriend concluded they are not ready for a pregnancy or a baby. A few days later she went to a medical clinic where she was given Misoprostol, a prescription medication to induce the abortion. Sarah was hesitant to take it, but after several days, went ahead and took the two pills. For reasons known only to God, the drug had no effect. So, after several days Sarah called the medical clinic that had prescribed the Misoprostol. The clinic was surprised, described it as odd, and instructed her to come back in for the prescription to be refilled and taken again. With this Sarah lost confidence in the medical clinic and became uneasy with what was happening. She learned of A Woman’s Friend when she did an Internet search for some answers. She called for an appointment. When she arrived, she was given a pregnancy test. The test confirmed she was still pregnant. Immediately she was given an ultrasound. Whatever reservations or indecision she had up to that point in time, the ultrasound settled the matter. She was about 10 weeks along and could clearly see her baby. When Sarah heard the baby’s beating heart she cried out: “I thought I killed my baby!” At that moment Sarah knew her baby’s life had been spared by a miracle, and Sarah was spared a lifetime of regret. Sarah’s healthy little baby boy is due December 25. A coincidence? Just one of God’s many miracles!