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Date: May 6, 2017
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Where: Ellis Lake in Marysville, CA
(12th & D Streets)

Defending a human life that has no ability to defend itself is no doubt a noble cause. However, choosing life is scary for many women because bringing a new life into this world will definitely change theirs. With your help, we can show them that their baby’s life is worth defending. Because when you choose to defend life, the possibilities are endless!

The Walk for Life is a great way to help defend life and support the women and children who come to A Woman’s Friend, and to learn a little bit more about what they are going through and how we help them. Will you join us in defending those who cannot defend themselves?

We will once again have The Diaper Derby, Pet and Family categories!

What's a Diaper Derby?

On your mark, get set,… crawl!

The Diaper Derby is about babies “racing” to help babies. Babies up to three years old will crawl, waddle, walk, or run their way to the finish line while raising funds for all the babies’ mommies who come to A Woman’s Friend. The baby sized “races” will take place at the Walk for Life on Ellis Lake Island.
For more information, including rules and registration, and for more information on what a Diaper Derby looks like, click below on the event page.

You can register online and create a profile where you can share your participation and goals on Facebook, Twitter, and through email. Sponsors can give pledges to you right from the comfort of their own home online!



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